– Relieves boredom/separation anxiety

Dogs can develop destructive behavior or separation anxiety when left alone often. This can result in chewing, excessive barking, housebreaking accidents, and more. A good day care routine provides mental and physical stimulation, which can alleviate or prevent destructive behavior.

– Provides Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive on routine. A good day care will provide
structure that includes play time, which is vital for their mental health.

– Exercise

Exercise is necessary for your dog’s overall health. Having your dog
enrolled in a good day care program will ensure they get it!

– Owner Peace of Mind

Knowing your dog is being well cared for and is actually
having fun can give you peace of mind and eliminate any guilt
you may feel for leaving your pet alone.

– Socialization

Having your dogs exposed to other dogs is a great way to socialize them,and is a great training
tool to help them learn to remain calm when in the company of other animals.

– Attention

Dogs, like people, need attention and affection on a regular basis. In addition to enhancing their mental health,
it can also give them confidence when they deal with people other than their owners. At Sweet Dreams
Groom and Board, all our boarders and day care clients are given an abundance of attention and affection!

– Safety

Safety is our number one priority here at Sweet Dreams.
We monitor your pet closely while they are here. That is especially
important with pets who are prone to escape from their yard or fence.

– Affordable

At just $15 per day, Doggy Day Care is an affordable option for your four-legged family member!

– Flexible

Enroll your dog in our Doggy Day Care as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Want him/her
here with us every week day? Great! Two or three days a week more to your liking? That’s fine, too! Your pet
will still reap the benefits of socialization with other dogs and people! Just let us know what works for you!

– A tired dog is a happy dog!

The activity your dog will enjoy throughout the day here at Sweet Dreams will leave him content,
and tired, too! He/she will likely be less hyper and more satisfied to just “chill” with you
in the evening, when you have time to spend quality time together.

At Sweet Dreams Groom and Board, we have helped many dogs with the above …
Join our young puppy daycare group, where the dogs get free training
and behavior correction by Elmer, a certified AKC trainer!

Call for details or to sign up – 570-377-0340.